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Boutonniere + Corsage

All products are made to order to guarantee the freshest product possible.
Depending on the time of year the order is placed and availability of certain succulents and/or flowers, product may vary slightly from picture.  All items are custom wrapped.

All Corsages on Ribbon or Cord: $50
Corsage on Cuffs: $55
Bouts: $25

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Date of Event
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Custom Order? Did you find a specific picture you want us to make it come to life?
Email me the image and we will contact you within 24-48 hours to confirm and the cost of the custom item.
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Once you order is placed, you will get a confirmation email and an invoice for your order.
All local orders ( Southern CA ) must be paid in full 3 days before your item is made.

Not local? No problem! We can ship to if you are in the continental U.S.
All shipped orders must be paid in full 7-10 days to guarantee your shipment for on time arrival.